Cramim Menu 2024

Cramim Menu 2024

First Course

Country bread with Thassos Olives / Tomato & herb Focaccia, served with dips.28  NIS

Plate of spicy dips – arisa, green skhug, burnt peppers and garlic confit. 22 NIS

Plate of white tahini and olive oil. 22 NIS

Lalique lettuce & herb salad – with sun dried cherry tomatoes, hazelnut, roasted zucchini strips, and Buche cheese, topped with balsamic vinegar. 68 NIS

Fresh chopped cauliflower salad – with arugula, chili, carrot strips, cranberries, and caramelized cashew nuts, topped with citrus vinaigrette sauce. 63 NIS

Greens' salad – cucumber, green beans, herbs, walnuts, dates, salted cheese in sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and basil. 62 NIS.

Saltwater fish ceviche – in olive oil, lemon, chopped onion, herbs, radish strips, chili and pine nuts, served on cherry tomato gazpacho. 64 NIS

Saltwater tagliatelle – fish chunk confit, in olive oil, rosemary, capers, rass el hanout spice mix, gremolata bruschetta, and spice aioli. 65 NIS

Red tuna sashimi – chunks of fresh tuna in soy sauce, yuzu sauce, cilantro, chili, green onion and ginger aioli. 72 NIS.

Roasted artichokes – artichokes a la Romana sizzled on the grill with caramelized onions, arugula, herbs and lemon, served on Skordalia cream with red chili. 58 NIS

Lamb baklava – filo dough filled with chopped lamb, with raw tahini, date-honey, almonds and powdered sugar flakes. 62 NIS

Open flame roasted eggplant – topped with white tahini, crushed tomatoes, olive oil, chopped green peppers, and sea salt. 58 NIS

Beet arancini – risotto balls filled with cheese and nuts, with a crispy coating, topped with cream sauce and blue cheese. 68 NIS

Liver pate – velvety chicken liver paste with pear jam in wine and toasted sourdough bread. 62 NIS

Sirloin carpaccio – thin slices of sirloin marinated in olive oil, sea salt, balsamic concentrate, chopped pistachio, and parmesan. 67 NIS

Main Course

Linguini carbonara – served with shrimp, calamari, lamb bacon, caramelized onion, herbs, egg yolk and parmesan. 114 NIS

Cheese Cappelletti – dough dumplings filled with various types of cheese, with sun-dried cherry tomatoes, spinach, and parmesan, served on cream of leak and topped with butter and white wine sauce. 88 NIS

Goose leg confit – homemade, served with boneless goose leg confit, shiitake mushrooms, pumpkin cubes, green onion, and a rich aromatic stock. 110 NIS.

The Caribbean Sea – 250 grams of BT shrimp stir-fried with butter and lemongrass, cilantro, mint, lemon chili and coconut cream. 115 NIS

Saltwater fish skewer on the grill – served on Choucroute risotto, with pickled lemon, white wine and herbs. 115 NIS

Saltwater fish schnitzel – velvety white puree, cream of mustard, herb aioli, butter, white wine, garlic and herbs. 115 NIS

Whole seabass – Grilled with garlic, chili and honey glaze, served with green vegetables. 135 NIS

Asado sausages – homemade, served on Choucroute stew, crunchy potatoes and cream of mustard.  98NIS

Roasted spring chicken – in a flowery spring sauce, on a baked yam steak, with a side of bok choy. 97 NIS.

Cramim hamburger – made from grilled fine fresh meat, with a side of coleslaw and the chef  sauce. 85 NIS.
Add lamb bacon / meat chunks 19 NIS. Add sunny-side-up egg / cheddar cheese 12 NIS.

Redefine Meat hamburger – made from the new plant-based meat, served in a bun with vegetables, and a side of French fries. 68 NIS.

Argentinian entrecote steak – aged and scorched on the grill, with a side of crunchy potato slices and a sauce of your choice. 179 NIS

On the bone – various pieces of aged meat with a unique flavor, served with a side dish and choice of sauce. 65 NIS per 100 gr.


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